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Toilets, male and female: God made every one

Sometimes, it makes sense to turn an issue around and look at it from a fresh perspective. That is definitely the case with the fuss currently being made around toilets (or “restrooms” as our potty-obsessed American cousins appear to prefer … Continue reading

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McDonalds: a long and dismal history of anti-LGBT action

It would be nice to think Baltimore was a one-off. Sadly, as stories are drifting in across the boards, it seems that McDonald’s has a fine reputation for transphobic and homophobic bigotry, that has been finely honed over the years. … Continue reading

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Baltimore victim speaks out…

This interview just published by the Baltimore Sun by the victim of Monday’s asssault in Baltimore.  http://baltimoresun.vid.trb.com/player/PaperVideoTest.swf jane xx

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A cynic’s view on the outcome from Baltimore

Call me cynical, but: let me tell you all now how this Baltimore thing is going to shake down. We’ve probably all seen the video, been sickened by it. We know that there is no justification for treating another human … Continue reading

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