About the blog

This is the OTHER blog. That is: if you really want to read about the trials and tribulations of a trans woman in the throes of transitioning, go take a look at my personal pages.

There you can read about nail varnish and new clothes. Hormones. Relationships and how the whole thing feels.

But here?

Here is somewhere very different. Its about the issues that take my fancy and, since i write a lot about sex and sexuality, its about my take on what is in the news today concerning those matters.

A bit political. A bit radical. I’ll be talking about the law and politics. Censorship. Prudery. And since i will be writing about the government’s response to all these things, i suspect there will be a load of hypocrisy documented here, too.

Topics are likely to include sex and sexualities. The politics of identity. Orientation. Sex work. Disorderly conduct. Writing and Art. Kink. Sado-masochism, swinging and polyamory.

Oh. But if you are here for a quick thrill, you will probably be disappointed. That is the one thing i am not going to be doing. As it says on the label: sex matters – and this blog is about matters sexual.

The serious side. The important side.

The raciest this is likely to get will be the occasional problem posted and hopefully solved.


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