Where are all the gay love songs?

OK: we all know there are songs out there that ARE gay, “really”. Works by k d lang and the Scissor Sisters spring to mind. But there is so much more that isn’t: that probably IS gay, because of who wrote it; or maybe was never meant to be taken as such, but has been taken up by the LGBT community because it says something that truly strikes a chord. “Defying Gravity”, regularly performed at Pride events, is one such.

That’s why Peterborough-based singer songwriter Jules Morgan is releasing two tracks this month in time for Valentine’s day. The first, “A love song” was released this weekend, and is unashamedly dedicated to Jo, with whom she has been together for nine years in total and civil spouse for four. The second – Lynton Road – is the first song she ever wrote, in 2005, and is due to be released officially for the first time on 14 February, throughout the course of Valentine’s Day.

Jules explained: “The official release date is 14 February. But the song is actually going to be released about a dozen times during the day, on local sites, as the dateline switches over from Wednesday night to Thursday morning.”

In doing this, Jules hopes that she will succeed in turning what is an essentially musical event into a political statement. She says: “I still remember what it was like coming out. Its never easy and for many young people, whether lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, it can be the loneliest time of their lives – made even more so by the fact that when they look around, nobody seems to be singing about what they are feeling.

“That’s why this is important. I’m not going to pretend that I’m up there with the superstars – but this is from the heart, in every sense of the word: and I hope that in some way, putting these songs out there will make a difference to someone.”

Jules plays her own works at open mike and local events in the East Midlands. She has previously played at Peterborough City Roots and battle of the bands for Peterborough, as well as live in London. She is hoping now to play a lot more, especially at festivals organised by and for the LGBT community.

Later in the year, she will be releasing a further song – “Out” – which focuses on coming out and the problems that gay people face in terms of being ostracised by their families.

The first of the songs above can be listened to now.

Jules may be contacted directly through julesmorgan21@hotmail.com

Oh…and here’s a tiny snippet of lyric from her first song:

…thank God for the Bill
That enabled us to
Enjoy the view
That a man and a woman
Take for granted these things
From this woman to this woman
It means everything

Contemporary? Or wot?



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