Brazilian transsexual murdered

With thanks to Lexie Cannes for putting me on to this one:

On the evening of Friday, January 11, around the time Suzanne Moore was flouncing off twitter, Cecilia Marahouse a trans performer well known in gay clubs in Ceará, Northeastern Brazil, was murdered with 6 shots near the Av José Bastos in the state capital, Fortaleza.

The state’s LGBT population were reportedly shocked by the news, with friends and fans of Cecilia going on to Facebook to pay homage and seek justice.

However, as the website that reported this incident commented: “That may never come, because as we know to the authorities unfortunately a gay, lesbian or transvestite murder is just another statistic!”

That is all.


NOTE: the above report is based on direct translation of lgbt blogs from Brazil. I don’t have the resource to double-check this from here – so anyone who wishes to is welcome to follow through.


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5 Responses to Brazilian transsexual murdered

  1. Jane,

    I’d like to give some credit, if I may, to Eduarda Santos’ Transfofa em Blog for passing along Brazilian news like this to interested others like myself …

    … who pass it along in turn.

    ~~ Stephanie

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