A little light activism

Its time. The Richard Curtis case illustrates perfectly the institutional transphobia in both the medical community and the press.

It is time for those who are sick of the way in which the trans community is being, has been treated by those two institutions made a mark of their own.

Take some time

Have you ever been abused, verbally or otherwise, by your GP? Mistreated? Humiliated? Embarrassed? Then take the time.. . to make it formal and put that complaint in writing – to the General Medical Council.

Do, by all means, go for it off your own bat if that is what you wish to do. Otherwise, join the campaign to give the GMC its best Valentine ever, by adding your complaint to the complaints of others arriving on 14 February 2013.

Here’s what you do.

The basic grounds for complaining are laid out helpfully on the GMC’ssite. These include:

– failure to examine a patient properly
– failure to respond reasonably to a patiet’s needs
– serious breaches of a patient’s confidentiality

You can download a complaint form.

Then either fill it in and return it directly. Or if enough folk are interested and get in touch, then we will pop round to the GMC en masse on 14 February to hand them in.

A note of caution: the focus for this action is GP’s: by all means take up specific complaints you may have about other aspects of the Gender service should you so wish. But for now, the point being underlined is in relation to how well the trans community is treated by GP’s – and how lop-sided the response of the medical establishment is to that treatment.

jane xx


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6 Responses to A little light activism

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  2. Reblogged this on flyingontherainbow and commented:
    Inspired by the recent #transdocfail hashtag on Twitter, Jane Fae takes a look at practical steps you can take if you feel you as a trans person have been failed by the NHS.

  3. davidsarah says:

    I’m not sure why it’s necessary for the focus to be specifically on GPs – it seemed like a high proportion of the #transdocfail feed was complaints about GICs and other healthcare providers.

  4. The focus really needs to be on the “psychiatrists”. As you know, I put in a serious complaint to the GMC in 2008 about a now senior gender psychiatrist for abusing me as a “vulnerable”, “upset” seventeen year old back in 1982. The abuse included, but was not limited to, unconsented examination of my genitals on 25/11/82 while talking about masturbation. We have that in his own handwriting,

    It appears that I was correctly identified as an early onset or “primary transsexual” by Keith Hawton, now Professor of Adolescent Suicide Research at Oxford some time after 18/11/82 as Dr K wrote to him saying he had “no personal experience”.

    The school where I was resident at the time had an expectation of “expert counselling” and as they were in loco parentis Dr K needed their permission before fondling my genitals for whatever reason

    The GMC have blatantly discriminated against me as Paul Rowe was used as a witness against Russell Reid for offences going back to 1988. The GMC have got their own rules wrong and not answered my complaints about fraud and dishonesty.

    Dr K was telling three different stories throughout the time he was seeing me and the lies that he told my housemaster after I had attempted suicide on 6/11/82 about me being obviously V disturbed and needing “psychiatric therapy” were used to inform my future medical treatment. He was also claiming to be a “specialist” who was “genuinely very concerned about me”. (8/11/82)

    Now the abuse is coming into the open , the GMC can hardly claim that it is not in the public interest to have a hearing because said Dr has a reputation and my MP says he sounds like Harold Shipman.

  5. Said Doctor was arrested and interviewed by Thames Valley police on September 4th 2008 but I was told afterwards that he is very eminent and well protected and TVP have ignored the evidence and tried to protect him.

    The only reason that they have been able to do this is lack of support; they keep trying to revictimise me. The more peeps who see the evidence the better

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