Two new consultations on prostitution: Scotland, Northern Ireland

Not one, but two consultations advocating “the Swedish solution” to make criminal the purchase of sexual services have been announced in Northern Ireland and Scotland.

(with thanks to Becky Dwyer of CAAN Scotland for providing this)

The first, in Northern Ireland, is part of the Human Trafficking & Exploitation (Further Provisions & Support for Victims) Bill presented by Lord Morrow. While CAAN is against all forms of non-consensual behaviour – including trafficking for the purposes of sex slavery – CAAN is firmly of the issue that criminalising the purchase of sex is not the way forward.

The second, in Scotland, is a stand-alone bill (Criminalisation of the Purchase of Sex (Scotland) Bill (2) from Rhoda Grant MSP) that follows in the footsteps of the earlier bill from Trish Godman. (Mentioned on our Prostitution page.)

Both of these bills amount to hate legislation against prostitution, an effort to drive the industry underground in a flurry of fear and disgust brought on by the fact that the acts involve sex. They may be couched in terms of saving the poor and unlucky victims of trafficking, and may have lofty goals of gender equality, but they will do nought but bring further harm to prostitutes in Northern Ireland and Scotland.

How is this different from the last few times that prostitution has been challenged? This time the anti-sex campaigners are riding a rising right-wing tide across the Western world that has led to discussions outlawing prostitution in France and Ireland. Denmark has also seen prostitution under attack, although the Danes in general were sceptical of criminalising prostitution. The current consultations also seem to be marginally better researched, now that more time has passed since Sweden passed their law.

In both of these consultations, numbers matter. CAAN encourages you, as an individual, to put forward your opinion on these new consultations. You may just have the one argument that turns the tide against the sex-negative campaigners. Your voice counts!

The Northern Ireland Consultation closes 5pm on Thursday 18th October 2012.
You can read the consultation in full with all directions of where to send it here.

The Scotland Consultation closes 14 December 2012.
You can read the consultation in full with all directions of where to send it here.

This was also posted on the CAAN website.


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2 Responses to Two new consultations on prostitution: Scotland, Northern Ireland

  1. jemima101 says:

    Thank you for this, the Swedish model has been shown over and over again to endanger sex workers, quite apart from the problems of one particular form of morality being allowed to dominate this debate. Will be following your blog with interest.

  2. Dreamer 1 says:

    Very Informative post. I live in America, where prostitution is criminalized. I would imagine that sex work must be tough, but its been around forever, and would be better if regulated.

    I envision a time when the sex industry will be respected. Where sex worker will be considered professional sexual healers. With the recognition as a serious profession, the “healers” will study their craft, and develop their abilities.

    I’m interested in how things turned out in Ireland, and how they will turn out in Scottland.

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