Event: Queer Perspectives on Law – Sharing Reflections

This is a public event, taking place on 13 May, from 09:00 to 17:30.

Venue is Russell Square, SOAS College Buildings, Room G3, Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, WC1H OXG London, United Kingdom

Its organized by Professors Aeyal Gross (Tel-Aviv/SOAS) & Dianne Otto (Melbourne/SOAS)

Contents include:

Panel I: Resisting Hegemonies – Local and Transnational Encounters

Chair: Akhil Katyal (SOAS)

Vanja Hamzić (King’s College London) – ‘(Sub)alternative Muslim Perceptions of Law and Justice: Beyond Politics of Fiqh and Inadequacy of Human Rights Discourse’

Rahul Rao (SOAS) – ‘The location of homophobia: notes from Uganda’

Eddie Bruce-Jones (Birkbeck) – ‘Queering Culture: Some notes on transnational LGBTI legal work’

Maria Federica Moscati (SOAS) – ‘Use of Anthropology for Queer Culture and Marriage Debate’

Panel II: ‘Homonationalisms’: Reading the Effects of Progressive Legal Reforms

Chair: Nadje Al-Ali (SOAS)

Arturo Sanchez Garcia (Kent) – ‘Mexico City is wonderland!; The new sexual politics in the Mexican state(s)’

Suhraiya Jivraj (Oxford Brookes) – ‘‘The Dutch homo-emancipation policy and its silencing effects on queer Muslim organizing’

akshay kahana (Sussex) – ‘Three hundred and seventy seven ways of being – Sexualness and the Indian self’

Panel III: What Queer Legal Theory Might ‘Do’ Beyond Rights

Chair: Prabha Kotiswaran (SOAS)

Daniel Monk (Birkbeck) – ‘Reading Wills Queerly: Beyond Rights’

Emily Grabham (Kent) – ‘Queer Times: Critical Perspectives on Law’s Temporalities’

Les Moran (Birkbeck) – ‘Legal Queeries – Past, Present Future’

Elena Loizidou (Birkbeck) – ‘“To Have and Have Not” : No strings attached’

Panel IV: Queering International Law

Chair: Caroline Osella

Teemu Ruskola (Emory) – ‘Law of the Queer Nations’

Gina Heathcote (SOAS) – ‘The Retrosexuality of International Law’

Aeyal Gross (Tel Aviv/SOAS) – ‘Does each person have a sexual orientation?’

Dianne Otto (Melbourne/SOAS) – ‘Transnational Homo-Assemblages: contesting “gender” in counter-terrorism discourses’


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