Event: 40 years on – where are LGBT rights?

This is the Gay Liberation Front’s 40th anniversary Conference and takes place 19-20 May 2011 at the LSE in London

The 40 year anniversary of the founding of GLF in the UK on the LSE campus gave momentum to look back how LGBT rights have developed and become globalized in this period. The conference is an opportunity to engage in a discussion on the changing context of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexuals and transgender (LGBT) rights in the last 40 years. It is bringing together academics and activists involved in the development of the global LGBT movement. It will look at the historical context of the development of GLF and bring together current, and globalised, debates on sexuality, equality activism and needs.

The conference will consider the ways in which the rights context has impacted upon the lives of LGBT people both in the UK and in the global arena; What are the different ways of understanding strategies and technologies for sexuality rights in different contexts? What are the lessons to be learned from an internationalist perspective?

The conference will include a key note address, panel sessions and more open discussion based sessions. In addition, a ‘witness seminar’ methodology will include key contributors associated with the genesis of GLF in the UK in early 1970s.
Participants include:

Matt Cook Birkbeck College
Sonia Corrêa the founder of SOS-Corpo- Instituto Feminista para a Democracia (Brazil)
Vikram Doctor The Economic Times-India
Silvia Gallotti LSE Library
Joel Gustave Nana Executive Director African Men for Sexual Health and Rights(AMSHeR)
Sally Hines University of Leeds
Suhraiya Jivraj Oxford Brookes University
Katherine Johnson University of Brighton
Akshay Khanna Institute of Development Studies
Robert Kulpa Birkbeck College
Anthony Manion GALA Wits archives
Frank Mugisha Uganda Executive Director Ugandan Sexual Minorities Group
David Paternotte FNRS/Université libre de Bruxelles
Rahul Rao SOAS
Jeff Redding Saint Louise University Law School
Helen Sauntson University of Birmingham
Tamsila Tauqir Director of the Safra Project

The conference is open to all and free. However due to space restrictions prior registration is required. If you are planning to join us for the conference please e-mail: m.h.seckinelgin@lse.ac.uk or Dianne Josephs d.e.josephs@lse.ac.uk to reserve your place. Conference web page is http://www2.lse.ac.uk/genderInstitute/events/40_Years_On.aspx


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