Slutwalk – and popular reaction

Oh my God!

Oh my fricking God!

Usually I reckon I am in tune with the national mood – even if I don’t agree with it. But today.. .

No. Just listening to Jeremy Vine on slutwalk. Jeremy is his usual provocative self…but then, that’s his job.

It’s the phone-ins and the e-mails. So many comments around the provocative nature of what women wear. One commenter suggesting that if you dress as a pork chop, you shouldn’t take up lion taming.

Someone else saying that this movement overlooks millions of years of evolution.

I am flabbergasted. Disgusted. Beyond words.

Not that these comments exist.

But the whole tenor (including the old codger on now) suggesting that women should learn “common sense”.

Slutwalk is needed. Utterly. Absolutely. As long as this attitude is endemic, that by dressing in a certain way, one is somehow to blame…

I’m incoherent.




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7 Responses to Slutwalk – and popular reaction

  1. andrea says:

    are they really blaming the pork chop or just saying its not a good choice given the way the world is as opposed the way we’d prefer the world to be?

  2. Sabine says:

    Well the answer is easy. Let’s all jump the next cute guy in tight bicycle pants and claim it’s his fault for lacking common dress sense.

    Honestly – bunch of twits. If you can’t keep your libido under control don’t blame other people for it.

  3. Chrissy J says:

    If women are dressing so provocatively and ‘asking for it’, then why aren’t there many more rapes and sexual assaults reported?
    When I go out- to the shops, the library, the supermarket- I see many women and girls wearing clothing that I’d consider a bit revealing. But they aren’t pounced upon by gangs of ordinary boys and men (like lions on a gazelle), driven wild with lust- at least, not when I’m around.
    The tone of most comments regarding Slutwalk seems to be, if you dress like that, you’re giving men permission to abuse you. From my experience the vast majority of men are quite capable of NOT surrendering to their baser urges.

    And anyway, most rape and sexual assault is about control, not desire. So it really doesn’t matter what you wear, when it happens. Trust me on this.

  4. Lucy Melford says:

    I’ve never watched Jeremy Vine: the reputation of his show has put me off. I still won’t be watching.

    In real life situations – or at least in the reality I see around me – not many women dress provocatively except when clearly going out for the evening: clubbing and so on. In that context, of course a woman is entitled to reveal more than she ordinarily would. And there is an argument surely that we should all defend a woman’s inclination to display her best features on the ground that if humanity is to continue, females must attract males, and how better than to give them an eyeful of tit, or bum, or both. It is surely an instinctive situation.

    I bet most men in our western culture would violently object if women ‘went on strike’ and deliberately dressed unattractively, or so covered themselves up that no man could ever see anything.


  5. The evidence clearly shows that what women wear has little influence over their likelihood of being raped. We don’t need to flatter people by listening to their opinions when we have something better – we have facts.

    What does make a difference is the culture in which a woman lives – specifically, the extent to which women are treated as sexual objects and the extent to which they lack full civil autonomy.

    I find that this “I wouldn’t rape someone but other men are unable to help it if provoked” attitude presents an interesting parallel to the argument that “I’m not upset by X stressful situation but my female colleagues may be” line that comes from both men and women in a variety of contexts. Just as men are imagined to be naturally aggressive, women are imagined to be naturally timid, yet the evidence – even people’s experiences of themselves – doesn’t bear this out. It’s a remarkable bit of cognitive dissonance.

  6. Chrissy J says:

    Lucy – “I bet most men in our western culture would violently object if women ‘went on strike’ and deliberately dressed unattractively, or so covered themselves up that no man could ever see anything.”

    I have a feeling I’ve seen this (seriously) suggested before…

    • janefae says:

      Indeed you have. Or at least a shadow of this idea. There was an anti-war play written at the height of the Peleponnesian War – “Lysistrata” – in which the joke was a women’s sex strike until the men negotiated peace.

      It boasts the first appearance of the immortal joke “is that a gun in your pocket…or are you just pleased to see me?”

      Although being written around 410 BC, the actual line is something like “is that a message rod under your cloak, or are you just pleased to see me?”

      Little ever changes. 🙂


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