McDonald’s: you suck!

Here’s a link to the McDonald’s Media Center which includes an official response which seems to have gone up in the last 24 hours.

Good stuff, huh?

Except the incident took place on Monday and McDonald’s didn’t stir themselves until the story started to go viral and hit the news headlines about, er, 24 hours ago.

So much for caring McDonaald’s. If there hadn’t been the publicity, do we think they’d even have deigned to reply.

Meanwhile, it is now 12 hours since my first call to the UK duty office of McDonald’s and 2 hours since my second. For the non-press reading this: a duty office is meant to provide 24/7 out of hours conver for press stories.

I underlined that this was a story of immense concern to the UK trans community, but…still no response.

The silence speaks volumes.



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2 Responses to McDonald’s: you suck!

  1. elwoodin says:

    I have watched as this story spiraled out of control, and the lack of response from McDonalds, though, I didn’t post anything about it on my blog… a story started but never finished it. Good coverage.

  2. Megan says:

    I’ve also emailed their contact address yesterday, with how I feel they dealt with the story and their lack of apology to the victim; which it seems in this does not matter and asking them for a reply. yeah!

    Not that I really ever bought their “restaurant food” I also added that myself and my partner will never darken their doors again, so far in the last year I’ve wrote letters of complain and stopped using the services of McDonalds, Samsung, O2…not too bad 🙂 at this rate it could be Felicity Kendal time and start growing more my or own food 🙂

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