Charing Cross back out of RCPsych fiasco!

Here’s the latest…just out to the press.


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Transgender activists objecting to a one-sided and skewed conference on trans issues organised by the Royal College of Psychiatry were heartened today by the decision of the UK’s largest official provider of gender services to boycott this event.

In a statement issued today, Charing Cross Gender Identity Clinic criticised the conference on the grounds that it approached trans issues from a very specific agenda, namely, to explore the validity or otherwise of gender diagnoses as medical and psychiatric phenomena. So long as this is the case, they explained, they could not support it.

Initial concerns over holding what would be essentially a clinical discussion with a predominantly non-trans panel, which also featured a non-clinician (Julie Bindel) known for her outspoken and controversial views on the subject has deepened.

A spokeswoman for Charing Cross explained their decision to withdraw support and participation in this event, saying: “The Royal College should be aware that there is a great deal of disquiet around this event within the trans community and interested parties should note that the discussion as it now stands will be one-sided at best”.

Responding to this news, a spokeswoman for Protest the Transgender Conference said: “We very much welcome this news, as it merely goes to underline what we have been saying all along: that the Royal College have simply gone ahead with their own pet project, without properly involving either professionals working in this area or the community they presume to talk about”.

She added: “we suspect that this conference is rapidly becoming untenable. We would not be surprised if they ended up canceling – and then blaming everyone but themselves for the ensuing fiasco and loss of face.

“In reality, they have no-one to blame for this but themselves.”

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One Response to Charing Cross back out of RCPsych fiasco!

  1. Phoebe says:

    Is the fringe event still going to happen? It’d be brilliant for something positive to come out of this even though the main event is cancelled.

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