Press communication for Trans day of protest

Below is the text of the first release going out in respect of this event. Unless there are future objections, i am handling some of the official press liaison.

However, as this is a collective effort, the ground rules are roughly: topics for debate, key points and strategy will be open to all who are involved in the demo planning.

I am unlikely to put exact wording out for committee debate, since that feels like a recipe for inertia. However, anyone wishing to input should join the Facebook group and put a hand up as willing to be involved.


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The UK’s largest ever demonstration by the transgender community is set to take place outside the Royal College of Psychiatry on 20 May.

This follows a decision by that body to run a conference on the subject of gender identity that was prepared with no consultation with any of the mainstream groups in the trans community and to feature two speakers – Julie Bindel and Dr Az Hakeem – who are previously well-known for their expression of views considered to be anti-trans and highly offensive.

Despite attempts by the trans community to enter into discussion with the RCPsych on this conference, all efforts at dialogue have been rebuffed.

The demonstration, due to take place on the morning of May 20, has already attracted widespread support from LGBT organisations across the UK, with promises of support from several university groups. A number of members of parliament, both in the UK and Europe have expressed an interest and may attend, as have figures from the arts, media and academia.

In addition to the demonstration, the trans community is organising a fringe event, due to take place throughout the day. Details to follow – though this likely to be at the Strand Campus of Kings College, London.

If you would like to be kept in touch with further details of this event, or to talk to individuals involved in its organisation, please speak, in the first instance, to Jane Fae on xxx xxx, who will put you in touch with the person best able to answer any questions you may have.

Further details of actions planned, supporters and speakers will be provided closer to the day. All are welcome to attend – although journalists attending the alternative event are asked to let us know in advance.


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2 Responses to Press communication for Trans day of protest

  1. Jenny says:

    I would have loved to have come up to support but have to be elsewhere on the 20th. I hope that everything goes OK on the day though.

  2. Megan says:

    Hi Jane,

    I think its discusting and totally wrong that as usual trans people are ignored and still treated like some experiment, both myself and my partner are interested in taking part in the protest, could you please let me know more details as I have to book the day off work

    Love the blog and hoping we can make a difference


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