Recipe for reconciliation

It is nice when, just occasionally, a story can be brought to a swift and certain conclusion – and with a happy ending to boot.

Over the weekend a post appeared over on last of the clean bohemians reprising an article by Nigella Lawson written around 15 years ago. It wasn’t good: loads of stuff that nowadays we would regard as transphobic, intrusive and prejudicial.

Reaction went two ways. There were those who reckoned it was all a long time ago and we can’t go round picking up on every last past possible offender: and there were others who were no doubt quite put off their spinach, avocado and pumpkin seed salad. (sounds yum!)

Well, we can step down the troops. Those eagerly preparing to kidnap the divine Nigella, tie her to a bed and slap her with a damp kipper (yes, you: you know who you are!), must now find some other amusement for the easter hols.

Official word from Nigella Lawson’s agent – a well-spoken young man called Mark – elicits the view that “one of the benefits of getting older is that one sheds some immature views.”

Hmmm, I pondered, scenting the merest whiff of political weasel: does that mean that she doesn’t quite hold to the views expressed in that article, any more? Er, yes: I think it does.

So that’s that. Nigella is OK, and we can carry on buying the cookbooks. Now: hummus with seared lamb and toasted pine nuts, anyone?



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