Important Survey

Here’s an important questionnaire from government for all trans men and women to fill out.

Go do as you see fit with it – though i added a few choice comments about deed polls and name change.

No doubt some of you can find your own issues to add…

I also hated the first question of the last section. It sucked!


Edited to add: Given Dennis’ comments on this survey, i can’t leave this post as is. But my own understanding (and i’d be happy if someone else could input to this) there is a degree of unhappiness in the wider community about the way that this survey treats gender issues in total.

Specifically, there is mention toward the end of intersex and genderqueer: but the thrust of the survey – for which it has been criticised – is that it it is focused on one very specific aspect of trans, and is not as wide or as inclusive as it could be.

Thoughts, anyone?


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5 Responses to Important Survey

  1. done 🙂
    and shared

    thanks for mentioning it.

  2. You have presented the survey incorrectly.

    Meant to say this survey is not aimed at trans men and women it is aimed at all transgendered people: transexual or not , male & female, or not.

    It’s been deliberately constructed to seek the views of everyone and has a variety of transgender categories within which to identify ourselves: it includes androgyne, genderqueer, non gendered, and more, including space to write our own definitions if we need it instead.

    • janefae says:

      Hmmm…this was me mostly in ifnormation mode: not actually commenting on the survey itself. However, i might comment back on it separately.

      I have spoken to activists in the intersex community who are pretty furious that whatever the intent, it doesn’t come across (to them) as having anything to do with anyone other than trans men and women.

      In other words, its a useful survey that should be used…but more generally, as far as representing the diversity of gender existence, its a fail.


  3. Dennis Queen says:

    jane the error is not corrected.

    why would you wish to say it’s for men and women when it is not?


    • Dennis Queen says:

      ah now there’s a response. thanks jane.

      I see. But it is also very clearly not *only* aimed at trans men and women, it’s deliberately put a list of about 8 options, plus space to add some of our own as they know it’s not complete. the whole point is to reply and let them know what they are screwing up, no?

      anyone non male or female is not going to click what is presumed they are not ecluded from and we have definitely not ALL been excluded.

      I’d be curious to know a bit more about how it is excluding intersex people – and what ought to be done so we can support that too – got a link to any comentary on this?

      Dennis x

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