And now the GOOD news

Its nice, sometimes, just to find some good news doing the rounds.

Here’s a story from Cook County (and NOT, as I appallingly misread it first time round, “Cock” County!) in Chicago.

Simple, really. Trans women prisoners will in future be mostly treated as women and housed, where appropriate, in female prison facilities.
Forget the politics of it. Here’s why:

The rules took effect March 21 and have been applied to six inmates since then, and staff already have seen some early success with one woman in particular, Patterson said.

“Since coming into our women’s division, we’ve seen her absolutely thrive,” Patterson said. While she has a lengthy criminal history and has served time in state prison, this marks the first time she’s been able to talk about her gender identity while being incarcerated, he said. She has group therapy sessions and counseling with other women, and officers and detainees refer to her by female pronouns, he said.

And that’s it. I don’t care what the psychs and Christians and assorted transphobes say about all this. Since I began to transition, I am happier, more productive, more communicative, more social, more… need I go on?

So, from talking to other trans men and women, are the vast majority of those in my boat. The main, often the only, source of discomfiture is the prejudice and bigotry of our communities – and dealing with the gate-keepers who are there to ensure we “don’t have probs”.

Hint: in most cases, the gate-keepers ARE the prob.

So that’s all. A positive story about politicians and lawmakers doing something good and someone finding their life turned around as a result.

Go, girls!



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