Update on RCPsych debacle

First, I gather that they have “form” where this sort of transphobic nonsense is concerned.

First up, as detailed by the venerable Christine Burns, in a reply to my earlier blog post, an attempt to impose a retrograde form of “standards” on all trans work in the UK, back in 2002.

That resulted in outrage by the much smaller, less organised trans community back then, with the result that they took their ball home and refused to play. Or to put it another way, when they couldn’t get the standards THEY wanted, they just made sure no-one else could get any agreed.

Second, and of great interest, there appears to be no official backing for this conference from CHX. In other words, tis a conference on trans issues, lacking official input from the body that does the lion’s share (the majority?) of trans work in the uk.

Makes you think, eh?



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