The trouble with psychiatry – call for papers

The trouble with Psychiatry is…if it were invented today, I think most people would get, very quickly, that it is little more than quackery. A bunch of charlatans, reviewing and praising papers by other charlatans – and getting by in the world by wearing nice suits, publishing mutually referenced journals, and back-stroking.

With the anti-Trans conference sponsored by the RCPsych coming up in May, I think it is time that Psychiatrists heard an alternative voice. In part, that should emerge from the trans community, who are one of the groups most attacked by psychiatrists in the world today. But I’d say that we are far from alone. It is only in recent years that psychiatrists have deigned to allow that being homosexual is not in itself a disorder…and not all that much longer since they stopped deciding that women who masturbate were disturbed.

So-o…shortly launching a blog to cover experiences of psychiatry from the perspective of gender, identity, orientation and sexuality – and inviting anyone and everyone with a voice and some thought thru ideas to contribute.

Mail me.



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4 Responses to The trouble with psychiatry – call for papers

  1. Mx Stampax says:

    thanks Jane, great to see rallying call against psych abuse, I have experiences to contribute and sure many of my friends do too.

    Part of me would like to see (completely unacceptable in British culture) mass outpouring of pentup rage, hurt, anger, pain, angst and vitriol expressed by trans/intersex/non-binary folks towards abusive psychs.. Plus burning sage, banging drums & howling like Banshees as ‘quiet diplomacy’ is often lost on the psych industry and those who profit from it.. ‘SIG does not share the views of those it gives platforms to’..

  2. Hi – I’ve written a new book called ‘queering the tranny’ – its a book that presents a strong transgender argument. I’ve actually asked if I can attend the psych conference so lets see what happens there! you can see where I’m coming from on Alex’s Blog on the QTT site and see my professional work on my business site – look forward to hearing from you.

  3. ACBP says:

    I really think you discredit yourself when you write such stuff.

    Psychiatric research and practice has clearly led to notable increases in effective understanding and treatment of conditions like psychosis, schizophrenia and dementia.

    The problem is that with issues around gender, obviously we don’t feel that we are recognised, respected etc. Particularly in my case with psychoanalytic therapy – I personally have had fairly unedifying experiences with the Portman Clinic and I’m sure others can echo this.

    But I really don’t think that trying to dismiss the whole of psychiatry does us any favours.

    • janefae says:

      Actually, i have no difficulty rejecting psychiatry as being mostly quackery and charlatanry – whilst granting there may be a few honourable exceptions at the cross-over with other disciplines.

      I had serious issues with psychiatry LONG before i discovered my own trans nature, having studied Experimental Psychology at a University somewhat renowned for its expertise in that field. From the outset, it was very clear that a century or so back there was a parting of the ways, with the empiricists and those with any pretension to scientific method heading in one direction, and the egotists heading off elsewhere.

      If psychiatry limited its categorisation and analysis of behaviour to the status of philosophy, then that is fine. However, the fact that the psychiatric profession as a whole tends toward an assertion that it is able a) to discern the existence of real “things”, which may be syndromes, disorders, or whatever and b) that these “things” may only be discerned by professional psychiatrists who have discussed them with other professional psychiatrists seems to be a pretty large epistemological problem with the whole shebang.

      If it was merely a neat philosophical conceit, i’d be more sparing. however, over the years, psychiatry has presided over the incarceration and marginalisation of thousands – maybe an order of magnitude or two more – because of their non-normative behaviour.

      As such, it has, to my mind, the status of an ideology, as much as any creed that seeks to limit and control the behaviour of others, and therefore is to be fought in much the same way as one would fight the excesses of the BNP.

      Many of the claimed breajkthroughs for psychiatry seem to have happened despite, rather than because of the psychiatric profession. Many of the advances claimed by psychiatry seem to owe as much to psychology (with which i have far fewer issues) and medicine than the pure psychobabble that characterises psychiatry.

      Dissing the whole of psychiatry probably doesn’t do us any favours, given how successfully psychiatrists have lobbied in their own cause. On the other hand, it is a perfectly respectable position and one held by a large number of very serious scientists and thinkers on the subject.

      This ISN’T just a trans issue.


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