The Queer Streets of London (Summer School)

This is a three-week course at King’s Summer School


The city’s streets and queer desire have a very close relationship. Indeed, modern homosexuality would not be able to exist without the city and its thoroughfares and alleys. In the last century or so, London’s streets have witnessed illicit desire, homophobic murders, political activism and joyful celebration of difference. Through literature and history, film and walks, this course will map these streets in order to reveal how necessary the city is to queer life, and how queer men, queer women and queer people of colour navigate these streets differently.

Some experiences of the streets will overlap, while others have almost disappeared into history. From Oscar Wilde and Robert Louis Stevenson to Sarah Waters, this three-week course will attempt to reclaim these queer streets. The course will include visits to The Museum of London and The Victoria & Albert Museum to view their archives of objects with queer histories.

Places are limited

Further information at

Queer@King’s Research Centre
School of Arts & Humanities
King’s College London
London WC2R 2LS



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