Queer Temporalities (2011 Summer School)

Apparently, this is mainly for post grad students but also includes two free public lectures. There’s a downloadable poster on this site.

Register at http://estore.manchester.ac.uk/browse/product.asp?catid=56&modid=2&compid=1


The Sexuality Summer School 2011 draws upon the success of its previous years, embracing an interactive learning model that combines intensive workshops, discussion panels, lectures and student-lead seminars in order to construct a supportive research community over the course of four days.

This year the conference turns towards the idea of Queer Temporalities, bringing together researchers from diverse fields including English Studies, Cultural Studies, Sociology, Media Studies, Performance Studies and many others to discuss and critique representations and understandings of gender, sexuality and queerness as they relate to concepts and constructions of the temporal.

For more information, please e-mail SexualitySummerSchool@gmail.com

There are also two free public lectures as part of the Summer School:

Tuesday May 17th

Queer Times: Heteronormativity and Simultaneous Orgasm

Annamarie Jagose, University of Sydney

Thursday May 19th

Disturbing Practices: What’s Queer History for?

Laura Doan, University of Manchester


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