Heads up on two key essays

Just a quick update on publicity around the FIPA piece. Here’s the release: i seem to have double-headed, in the end, with Dr Brooke Magnanti (aka Belle de Jour).



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Rational debate about sex in the UK is giving way to a series of hysterical outbursts, in which sex itself is seen as dangerous – and those who shout loudest are the least interested in looking at what the evidence is telling us.

That’s the conclusion of two of the UK’s foremost writers on sex and sexuality – Jane Fae, and Dr Brooke Magnanti, also known by her pen name of “Belle de Jour” – writing this week for radical online political magazine “Freedom in a Political Age”.

Kicking off debate, with an essay outlining how government and legislation is now moving subtly away from concern with harm, and toward a view that sex itself is dangerous, Jane said: “Those who celebrated the death of New Labour puritanism may yet live to regret its successor: the new Tory obsession with “sexualisation”.

“This is a moral panic that looks set to be even wider in scope, even more finger-waggingly repressive in effect, than anything the last lot came up with.”

She went on: “There is a growing tendency towards legislating about sex, as opposed to harm – and if we do not wake up to this soon, then irreparable damage will be done to our freedom to act as responsible adults without state intrusion into the most intimate aspects of our private lives”.

This was followed by a piece from Dr Magnanti, slamming what she called the “irrationality of the anti-sex lobby”.

Condemning recent government initiatives around “sexualisation” and children, she said: “My main concern is that the discussion seems to have been hijacked by particular interests that are using issues around potecting children and protecting women as cover for an agenda that is anti-sex and anti-porn.

“That patronises women and makes a lot of assumptions about children’s development. It also usurps a role that belongs to communities and parents.”

Calling for a new and honest debate around sex, she added: “We need to start thinking about how to make the truth appealing, not inaccessible. We need to tap into cultural values as much as we already rely on intellectual honesty.”

The articles referenced in this release can be found as:

Sex is Dangerous. Again.
By Jane Fae

The Irrationality of the Anti-Sex Lobby
By Dr Brooke Magnanti

For further information, contact Jane Fae on 01778 344271


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