Offending sexually: the Beeb

Was the Beeb ever this bad? If so, how on on earth did they get such a world-striding reputation?

On tonight’s six o’clock news: sex offenders will get the right to be removed from the sex offender’s register. No. Absolutely not the case.

Channel 4 got the story right about half an hour later, informing us (I paraphrase) that sex offenders have won the right to have their continued presence on the SOR reviewed.

There is a world of difference – especially to a public that, in some cases, seems still incapable of differentiating between a paedophile and a paidiatrician.

Not to mention also believes that anyone on the SOR MUST be a rapist, paedophile or both. Nope. Those there for life are those who have received a significant – but not incredibly long – prison sentence (30 months) in respect of a sexual offence.

That probably won’t include the 17-year-old done for sleeping with a 15-year-old. Nor the Scotsman placed on the SOR for doing unspeakable things to/with a bike (different jurisdiction, different legal set-up).

But nonetheless, start to re-evaluate it with the idea that some of those on there might not actually be the utter animals that popular myth decrees them to be – and giving them no more than the right to ask their presence on the list to be reviewed is not quite such a big deal.

Besides: turn it the other way round. If someone really is no longer a threat…let’s say a road accident has left them with significantly disability and unable to get around unaided: where on earth is the point is requiring police to carry on monitoring them and, presumably, health and social services to deliver them to a police station at regular intervals. Its actually a waste of cash monitoring people who don’t need monitoring.


Meanwhile…a touch of déjà vu. Covering this story today for the Register, I listened to Home Secretary, Theresa May speaking in the Commons, whilst simultaneously tapping out what she was saying on the keyboard.

In the absence of visuals, has anyone else noticed how much she is starting to sound like Jacqui Smith? Is that just my imagination – or have the two just sort of coalesced into one Demon Home Secretary?


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