UK Gov pulls wool over eyes of Gay Rights activists

Don’t you just love it when government speaks with forked tongue?

Today they launched their grand Repeal Bill, long heralded as restoring basic liberties. In it is provision for “deleting” details of convictions scored by gay men where those convictions would no longer count as such. I think my comment below, released to the national press, is pretty self-explanatory.

But, oh dear!

Oh dear, oh dear!

(and i should really learn to proof read better: my first release accused government of pulling the “wook” over the eyes of activists. eeek!)


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Jane Fae, writer and activist on sexual rights, condemned the government for attempting to pull the wool over the eyes of the Gay community with its promise to “delete” convictions that would no longer count as convictions.

She said: “Read the small print. The Bill states that “delete” means “record with the details of the conviction or caution concerned the fact that it is a disregarded conviction or caution, and the effect of it being such a conviction or caution”.

“Only in the language of civil servants and bureaucrats does this mean “deletion”.

“In practice, conviction details will remain on police databases, for police officers to review and, as a landmark court case ruled last year, open for use when considering a suspect’s status where they deem such use to be justified.

“If this is the best that government can do, they need to think again.”


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