BT Connects

Brilliant! I was beginning to worry BT might just turn around and provide a quite different policy to the one outlined on the phone.

(Perish the thought! But some organisations have done exactly that to me).

But no, after a week or so of chasing around internally, they have sent me their guidance on name change and it is adequate. I wrote back and suggested maybe it only gets a 4 out of 5, since the document listing IS capable of creating confusion, particularly if their fundamental position is: satisfy security requirements, and all will be well.

So I’ve volunteered to give them a hand in writing some slightly tighter guidelines, and will see if anything drops out of that.

Bottom line, though, is their position is much as the majority of organisations ought to be taking (nPower – are you listening?): so long as an individual can satisfy security to prove they are who they say they are – then they can amend their name on their account.

So long as a customer can answer our security questions, a new account does not have to be created and advisors are able to change the name on that account. This is when the account holder is the same person but the name needs to be changed under the following circumstances:

* name change due to marriage or divorce
* name change due to deed pole
* bereavement
* gender re-assignment
* BT error, eg, spelling mistake.

Further written documentation or evidence would not be required.

OK. No mention of “stat dec” – and i did tease them about the spelling of “pole”: perhaps this is an altogether new legal instrument, sort of allied to Morton’s Fork, and a means whereby consumers can poke companies.

Meanwhile, I hear from a (cis) woman who is going thru nightmares changing her name, and whose telecomms provider – T Mobile – is nothing like as accommodating as BT and are demanding documentation before they will amend their records. Why?



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4 Responses to BT Connects

  1. A ‘Deed Pole’ sounds useful. I could have done with one of those for when trying to hit companies with the proverbial big stick.

  2. Liz Church says:

    BT still haven’t deleted my old email account and I can’t do anything about it without outing myself.

    • janefae says:

      Thnk i am going to ask – genuinely interested what are the consequences of being outed either in terms of the old e-mail still being around, or BT being temporarily aware of the link between old and new identity.

      I have every sympathy with wanting to sever all links to one’s former life: but as I work on the name change issue, the really thorny issue seems to be that of audit trail. Well, two issues, really: linking up current identity to former privilege (such as credit history and/or academic qualifications); and retaining personal privacy.

      Large organisations are very confused about this, mixing audit and identity considerations willy-nilly: but as someone who understands the systems and commercial considerations involved, it is very hard to see how one can possibly sever all links.

      In respect of your old e-mail, is there any prob to its continuing to exist? If you don’t use it and its in another name…then that feels like you can happily abandon it. If you wish to transfer privileges from it to your current name, then I sort of think you are going to have to out yourself temporarily at some point merely in order to prove the trail.

      The issue then is whether BT makes the link, makes the change and then quietly drops the info: or whether they do something untoward with the info.


  3. Phoebe Queen says:

    T-Mobile are pretty dreadful on a lot of customer services issues. They don’t seem to help with much other than sorting out billing issues and offering services. Which is weird and I’m not sure how it even works when there are so many other aspects of business relationship with customer.

    At least last time I talked to their customer services people (was having nuisance calls, asking about if they could put a block on whoever was doing it).

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