Use my a*hole!

This will either put me beyond the pale of civilised folk…or give one or two of you a good laugh. I’ll own up to the latter. I laughed when a friend first introduced me to this track – and I’m laughing even louder now as I hear that the track is charting at No. 66 today.

OMG! Sod putting so many minutes of silence to the Xmas no. 1: I want Kunt and the Gang on Top of the Pops (OK: showing my age!). Still, I’d love them somewhere up there with all the rest of the anodyne airbrushed acts that pass for creativity nowadays.

Don’t take it too seriously. Do laugh!



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One Response to Use my a*hole!

  1. angercanbepower says:

    I know you said don’t take it too seriously, but (here we go) I don’t like it. The implication is pretty clearly that cunts are for fucking and aresholes are not. And also that women get fucked and men don’t (“come on, penetrate me, make me feel like a lady”). Just seems like something out of the 70s.

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