Zucker Press Release

This is going out to the usual suspects plus regional press.

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Writer and Sexual Rights activist Jane Fae today condemned the British Psychological Society for their decision to give a platform to Psychologist Ken Zucker at tomorrow’s Clinical Psychology Conference in Manchester.

And she gave her backing to LGBT demonstrators who plan to turn up to protest their anger at what they see as promoting hatred.

Jane said: “I find this man’s utterances to be wholly offensive, but I will not call for him to be banned or prevented from speaking. If the BPS really wish to hear the views of this man, then they are entitled to do so. But they should also be prepared to hear the anger of those in the gay and transgendered community who have suffered directly because of the bigotry of psychologists such as Zucker.

“Prof Zucker talks openly of offering a “cure” for gayness. He is alleged to have tried to “prevent” patients from becoming LGBT by forcing young girls to wear feminine clothing and young boys to “man up”. This is utterly offensive and totally immoral.

“It is bigoted claptrap, hiding behind the claim that it is “science”.
Jane continued: “The time is long overdue when the general public and government recognised that psychiatry is not a neutral science. It harbours a cesspit of homophobic and transphobic attitudes that are reinforced by mutual back-scratching and a network of men in suits approving the utterances of other men in suits.

“Tomorrow’s issue is Zucker – but the real issue facing many in the LGBT community is the entire psychiatric profession, which has a long and shameful history of lending legitimacy to prejudice”.


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One Response to Zucker Press Release

  1. kate says:

    Good that you have drawn attention to this and are not afraid to speak out. Zucker and Richard Green ( the former head of Charing Cross “Gender Identity Clinic”) are both involved with the “Archives of Sexual Behaviour” as editors and in 1987 Green was also recommending behaviour modification with “extinction” and “positive role modelling”.

    According to the following document on the medical abuse of LGBT youth, Green has also claimed as an “attorney” that ” parents have the legal right to seek treatment to modify their child’s cross- gender behavior to standard boy or girl behavior, even if their only motivation is to prevent homosexuality”.


    As well as his association with Zucker and recommendation of a treatment which is highly experimental and cannot be compatible with the Nuremberg code or the human rights of the child, Green has also written about the “poster child” for childhood behaviour modifcation who is variously known as “Carl “or “Kraig” depending on whether it is Green or his former colleague Rekers writing about him.

    Several years after the behaviour modification, Carl attempted suicide because he thought he might be gay yet Green, who interviewed him afterwards, denied that he had been harmed by treatment.

    Earlier this year, George Rekers, who has written several books on “how to make sure your child grows up straight” was internationally exposed as having hired a rentboy in order to “lift his luggage” and give him massages …

    Both Green and Russell Reid trained with John Money, infamous for his attempt to turn David Reimer into a girl using surgery and brainwashing. Reimer tragically committed suicide in 2004, having remarked at one point that the psychological damage was worse than the physical.

    Interestingly, Green and Money are both quoted on the website of the North American Man/Boy love association suggesting that “intergeneration sex” is not always harmful:


    Rather than the whole psychiatric profession, it seems to be a small clique of physicians who are mainly responsible for the rise of so – called “gender identity disorder”

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