One small crack!

Oh. Its only just sunk in. Obviously been too busy to think about this.

The tide might just be about to change ever so slightly. I would love to claim credit for getting the PA to rewrite their appalling release today, but i was second in the queue.

They didn’t get it totally right – but they did in the end sort out some of the misgendering.

So what’s changed? Er, just this: I was talking to the EHRC throughout the day and about half way through, the EHRC, no less, got on to the PA and read them the riot act.

That is important, cause I’m not sure they’ve done this before. And if they are prepared to do so in future, then that adds real weight to the cause.

Worth bearing in mind for the future.



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One Response to One small crack!

  1. Jo says:

    Jane this is a major breakthrough actually. If the EHRC can be galvanised into action to deal with a media organisation, then progress is truly being made. We have had a go at PA before, and received only the most sullen, negative response.

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