Days for your Diary?

Eeek! Breathe deep, Jane. Repeat after me: I shall not giggle. I shall not giggle. I really, really must not giggle.

But, oh! After all the doom and gloom of the last few days, one has to laugh. Days. Specifically, event days. The more observant of you may have noticed that I have now added a new feature: a calendar of events.

Don’t rush off. I think I’ve added two so far. Still, it can only grow – and if anyone out there has an event of some national relevance that they’d like publicised, let me know and I’ll add it.

Anyway, starting to put this together, I came across two “intriguing” (I am NOT giggling) dates for the diary. First up, a week from today, its Sex Toy day. I kid you not.

Seems to be US based – and more specifically, originating on the East coast.

Why? According to the site, “We love sex toys and we’re not alone. That’s right…a majority of women now own a sex toy and almost half of all men have used a vibrator according to a recent study featured in the NY Times. So sex toys deserve their own day.”

Oh. Alright, then. Fair enough.

They add: “To celebrate, we’re giving away 1000 vibrators to the first 1000 people who enter their info at at 11AM EST/8AM PST on November 4th, 2010”.

A lego vibrator? Surely not

So, roll up. Not sure you’ll get one if you don’t live in the US. But you can but try.

It seems, of course, to be an unashamedly commercial venture. Its sponsored by a company called MyPleasure who, naturally enough, are “big” in vibrators.

As if that is not enough, a month or so later, we celebrate Global Orgasm Day.

Personally, I think that’s a bit much. Surely, Global Orgasm should be the day after – or at least no longer than it takes to package up and ship off your free vibe.

This is something else altogether. Run by Priestess Anela and Steve Schweitzer, Ph.D., it reeks of new agery and high principled daftness. If you ever wondered what happens to the hippy generation, here is one answer, in the happy smiles of Anela and Steve, cuddled up together and grinning beatifically on a nest of cushions.

Why Global orgasm? Well, for starters, its about peace. As our loved-up duo explain: “We live in a vibrational world of moving energy. In the afterglow of love making there is usually a sense of peace, fulfillment, and pleasure. These qualities vibrate at a higher resonance than violence. Consider the energy of orgasm as a prayer and dedicate it consciously to world peace. “

Not just peace, though. Global orgasm will also help in the fight for Gender and Social Justice. Not only… but it can slow down the drift towards Global Warming as well. I’m convinced. Oh, maybe not all the way. I can’t exactly see myself partaking in the “rituals for dedication”, which include Visualizing (sic) “the orgasms shooting out light, while you consciously focus thoughts of peace”.

But its harmless, daffy fun – and just because the day organisers look like refugees from “Joy of Sex” (the original) doesn’t mean we shouldn’t think well of them.

Event days. Bloody silly idea. But as long as they do no harm and bring a smile to someone, somewhere, long may they continue.



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