Not a laughing matter

Oh my! What a giggle. Spanish sex workers…get this!…they’ve been fined by police for being out and about on the highway without wearing a hi-visibility top. Because that is the law in parts of Spain.

So…I can barely suppress the laughter!…a number of girls have now taken to wearing such vests when out and about and working. Omigod. Now that really is – as the Mail claims – “safer sex”.

And we can all sleep easier in our beds knowing this, having amused ourselves over these smutty girls and having…the pictures accompanying the article invite us to indulge our own baser instincts…perved mightily over photos of various girls wearing skimpy outfits and…yes!…hi-vis jackets. Sexy in a road safety sort of way.

The fact that it is a non-story and for any other group of workers would be as intersting as “police arrest person for not being seen at night: workers agree to obey the law”? Well, that is of no bother to the Mail, which here is indulging in their readers’ favourite pastime: mocking sex workers, whilst simultaneously inviting their readers to drool.

And the real story? Well, maybe it goes like this. Getting run over is no laughing matter – and there are a number of obvious things you can do to make it less likely to happen. Those things include wearing easy-to-spot clothing.

And in a country where the approach to sex work is more collaborative than confrontational, that is what happens. Police identify problem: impart advice; sex workers sort themselves out.

As opposed to the UK, where a mix of moralising police, plus confrontational law-making over the past few years means that sex workers do not talk to the police quite as much as they should: they remain more likely to be abused, assaulted and even mown down at nigth by drunken motorists. And it is this country’s social policy that makes that so.

But that would not be news. Or at least, not acceptable news to the UK’s moral majority. So simple common sense is jettisoned, regularly, in favour of schoolboy giggling and righteous indignation when a sex worker gets hurt.

One day, perhaps, someone will make the connection.



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One Response to Not a laughing matter

  1. chrissie says:

    Yep…. I agree.

    This country still has a lot of growing up to do.

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