Marriage documentation and Banks

A coda to the whole debate about Banks and name changes is time limits. A couple of months back, I heard about the case of a woman who had tried to change the name on her bank account after she had been married. Unfortunately, though, she did so more than six months after her marriage.

So although she hied herself down to the bank, marriage certificate clutched tightly in her hand, she was informed she couldn’t. How bizarre! We laughed and assumed this was down to the weirdness of some individual bank teller.

Roll forward to this week. In conversation with one Bank Manager – been doing a lot of that lately – I learned of a training seminar she had been on. There, she and others in her position had been informed that they should not accept marriage certificates more than six months after the date of marriage.

Huh? What are women meant to do? If they don’t get their name sorted at the bank’s convenience, does this mean they are condemned forever to remain in their maiden name?

And what about divorce? My partner just wondered aloud about changing back to her maiden name – or even changing back to her old one on some existing accounts. But…tis some years now since she divorced. Her passport and driving license remain in the old name.

So if the same rule is applied to the divorce certificate, she has problems. Presumably, of course, go out and change her passport and driving license, paying the requisite fees for doing so in advance of the due date.

Anyone else have similar experience?



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