Calling all bisexuals

Its that wholly sensible bisexual survey again.

The survey was intended to gather data on the experience of bisexuals in the workplace. Its done pretty well: nearly 1200 responses to date. But now its organisers have identified some under-represented populations they would like to hear more from. So, they are looking for input from people of color (currently respondents are 86% white), workers who are paid hourly (respondents are 55% salaried), bi men (respondents are 53% female, 35% male, 10% queer/genderqueer) and people in other countries (72% of respondents live in the US).

More details can be obtained at this website but hurry: the survey closes November 30, 2010.

I a asked to war you that it is 78 questions, and sometimes the ones asking for a written response seem repetitious, but they really aren’t, and the survey is getting amazingly rich data from those who are willing to give us their thoughts.



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2 Responses to Calling all bisexuals

  1. Joseph Denby says:

    Hiya Jane. I can not seem to make the web link work to the survey. I feel so computer illiterate all of a sudden.


    Joe x

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