Time for an apology?

Here goes…in the fast-running saga that is Stonewall’s attempt to explain why they just noinated ANOTHER transphobic writer for one of their coveted (?) awards.

The following release went out to the press this morning:

“Its time that Stonewall stopped making excuses for its appalling transphobic record – and actually had the courage to apologise to the transgender community.”

That was the verdict, today, of writer and sexual rights activist Jane Fae, as she learnt of Stonewall’s attempt to justify their nomination of a journalist they themselves had condemned for his transphobic writing for a Gay Rights award.

She went on: “Stonewall just don’t get it – and in their continued trampling over the sensitivities of the transgendered community are storing up a good deal of trouble for themselves in future.”

In their official response to criticism of their decision to nominate Scottish journalist, Bill Leckie, Stonewall claim that they have had words with him, helped him to see the error of his ways – and as a result, he has since written a powerful article in support of Gay rugby player, Gareth Thomas. (see report in Pink News )

Jane is angry and unimpressed. Speaking this morning, she said: “An individual is identified as specifically targetting the transgendered community for ridicule. He then writes a positive piece about a GAY sportsman: and Stonewall then thinks that this equates to a defence of the entire LGBT spectrum – despite the fact that it was they who, in the first instance, drew the distinction between homophobia and transphobia.

“What this goes to show is how far out of touch Stonewall are when it comes to transgender issues. Far from explaining or excusing their behaviour, this latest statement actually makes it worse. It underscores just how little they understand the difference between gay and transgender issues, hinting, even, at the possibility that so long as someone is nice about gayness, that automatically means they are fine when it comes to transgender.

“That position is unsustainable. It is insulting to the transgendered – and this morning there are a lot of angry trans men and women out here waiting for an apology from Stonewall.”



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