Stonewall still don’t get it

Sensing that maybe they have erred – again – Stonewall’s Facebook presence was last night protesting its innocence.

Stonewall wrote: “Stonewall produces reports with recommendations on how to improve things. Since our Scottish Written Out report in 2007 we’ve worked with journalists and publications – including Bill Leckie and The Sun –to help progress them on issues of LGBT equality.

“Compare Leckie’s writing now to 2007 – his article for The Sun in December 2009 on Gareth Thomas showed a passionate, powerful defence of LGBT equality in sport.

“It’s encouraging to us that journalists and newspapers can be influenced on their journey of progress towards full support of LGBT equality and we wanted to recognise this three years after – quite rightly – critiquing his less helpful writing.”

Yay! As someone rather more influential than I – or even Stonewall once said: there is more joy in heaven at one sinner who is saved, than at a 100 who don’t need saving.

But hang on. In 2007, Mr Leckie is singled out by Stonewall Scotland for his TRANSphobia, which the same report also notes is separate – and different – from homphobia.

So Stonewall has a friendly word and lo! A couple of years later, he is writing a suitably Damascene article on the subject of a GAY sports person. Cause, as any fule kno, Transgender and Gay are the same thing really, which is why Stonewall only ever needs to support the LGB community.

Sorry, but no: this really won’t wash. There is a difference between the two groups and whilst Gay rights have come on by leaps and bounds in the last decade or so, trans rights still lag some way behind. Which is why the fight for trans rights is so important now…and why Stonewall’s determination to combine the two is so unhelpful – and so deeply insulting, too.



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