Can you bear it?

What can one say?

Perhaps there is more to the story of goldilocks than meets the eye (what with one cute ickle girl and three ravening bears in the background)?

It certainly adds new meaning to the stage direction: “exit, pursued by bear”.

Our american friends are having problems with a little something called irony again. On 4chan, commenters who express views that might, inadvertently, be taken as expressing an inappropriate interest in children are mocked with the title of “pedobear”. I like it: it’s a warm cuddly sort of word.

However, over in San Luis Obispo, the local sheriff’s department appear not to have got the point. They seem to think that the bear is the paedophile equivalent of a masonic handshake – only not quite so subtle.

Apparently paedophiles, according to these over-eager law enforcers, have taken to dressing up as bears in order to pursue kids. They have issued a public safety warning about a man seen wearing a bear suit.

They’ve also been on the local TV station KSBY, warning parents ‘about a disturbing new phenomenon made popular by pedophiles and sexual deviants’, claiming that ‘Recently, pedophiles have adopted the bear as a mascot’.

They add: ‘Although there have been no reported sightings of the image on the Central Coast, individuals dressed in the bear costume and car decals have been seen in Southern California.’
Parents need to be aware of the image, particularly at public events.

So…if you happen to see anyone dressed in a bear suit, contact the Sexual Assault Felony Enforcement division of the sheriff’s department at 805-781-4550.

Now…are we all set for this autumn’s “Children in Need” appeal? Pudsey? Pudsey!

Drat…never around when you need him.


    A user’s guide to bears:

Pudsey Bear



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