with apologies to Canada


as i penned yet another piece today about the latest Australian sex scandal (this one about the Rev Nile, a Christian member of the NSW parliament whose office appeared to have accessed porn on 200,000 occaions for “research purposes”) i couldn’t help wondering why i always end up writing about stories with stramge sexual angles from australia – and next to nothing from other part of the commonwealth.

Well. New Zealand has hit the headlines for its child abuse filtering. South Africa for its atempts to over-censor the net. Whereas Australia has its mad plan for mandatory internet filtering: the Sex Party, Pirate Party and various net freedom movements. It has parties that advocate family values and an over-bearing censor, who refuses to recognise the existence of adult video games. And it has punished individuals for possessing or looking at obscene images of the Simpsons.

Come to think of it, it also, recently, refused to publish a link (in an official document) to a cartoon spoof of characters supposedly watching the “two girls, one cup” clip.

Australia literally abounds with amusing, hair-raising, interesting news of a slightly risque nature, whilst Canada….in three years i can think of two stories i have written with even a mild Canadian reference: on both occasions the reference was as footnote to a bigger story elsewhere.

One was about Ministerial probity, noting that a canadian government minister whose mistress might have seen confidential papers came clean and resigned: the other a comparison of fringe parties around the globe, which just mentioned the fact that Canada has a sex party too.

And that’s it.

So come on, Canada: you must be able to do better than this.

Or if not, maybe someone could explain what it is about canada (the climate, perhaps) that makes it so sensible, respectable and yes, downright boring by comparison to australia.



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