Not a learning organisation

Ah, well. It was obviously far too easy.

You may remember my claiming a small victory a couple of weeks back. Court news reporting service courtnewsuk had been using “tranny” in headlines. Apologies all round. Promises not to do it again and…just four days after assurances they wouldn’t, zap!

On July 27, journalists and other users of the service could happily read: “FYLE:SEX CLIENT LEFT JACKET HANGING UP AT HOME OF TRANNY HE STRANGLED”.

And just to drive the point home, about a week later, on August 3, courtnews reported: “FYLE:PUNTER ACCUSED OF MURDERING TRANNY PROSTITUTE LEFT WITH HER THANKS”.

So here’s a plan. Over the next week i will be putting together a complaint for the PCC. Don’t hold your breath. I cana’t see it succeeding.

I will also be writing to the crime desks on the nationals requesting that they not take feed from courtnews until the latter have both apologised and guaranteed not to do it again.

In about two weeks, i hope to be stood outside courtnews with a banner and maybe some leaflets. Anyone care to join me?

Meanwhile, if you’d like to give them a call, the offending page can be found here.

Their complaints manager is a guy called Henri Burgess. (No, not guy Burgess…that’s a totally different kettle of fish). He can be contacted on 020 7236 0116.

Or you can send them a message via

Have fun.


Ooops…forgot to add that i have phoned courtnews today and one of the headlines changed very quickly. Unfortunately, a couple of hours later, one remains. Seems they are inattentive, as well as unretentive.


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5 Responses to Not a learning organisation

  1. gwenhwyfaer says:

    Hmm. It took me about fifteen seconds of reading their site to get a sense of a mindset which makes the Faily Fail look compassionate and liberal. Good luck with the PCC complaint, because I’ll be astounded if you get that lot to change their ways without external influence.

  2. Bob says:

    Type the word tranny into google and you get 21,600,000 results – you’ve got a big job on your hands there, including celebrities such as Alan Carr. Have fun!

  3. Jenny Alto says:

    One can’t trust an organisation that doesn’t have their physical address on their contact page.

  4. angercanbepower says:

    They seem to have now taken it off the page you linked to, at least.

    And if you do a google site search for “tranny”, while it yields results from google’s cache, if you click the links they seem to have been updated to “transexual”.

    Good work!

    Didn’t know this blog existed – spotted the link on a round up on thefword – think I’ll be reading it a lot more. I really enjoyed Beyond the Circle – thanks for writing it. Activism around sexuality warms my heart.

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