Brighton and Sussex Appeal

Two bits of house-keeping, following stuff in my inbox from Brighton and Sussex.

First off, they are looking for help with a research project that focuses on lesbians over 60. This is described as “the first time anyone has attempted to create a comprehensive picture of the older lesbian community in Britain”.

The project aims “to challenge the social attitudes which have made older lesbians invisible, and to make their voices heard”.

The project is looking to be as inclusive as possible, so contacts with black and minority ethnic women, women over 75, and those who define as working-class are “specially welcome”.

More details can be found at the womenlikethat website.

Next up is this year’s Annual Conference, hosted by the Brighton and Sussex Sexualities Network (BSSN). Always of interest, both academically and otherwise.

Topic is: “Transforming Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans Lives: Activism and Research for Gender and Sexual Liberation”.

I am presenting a paper on “Gender, Identity and Sex”, which will attempt to put across some of the issues covered in my recent book, “Beyond the Circle“: the way in which anti-discrimination law is itself discriminatory and heteronormative; and how we need a new rights-based approach to combatting discrimination.

That said, there are some far more interesting speakers there than myself, including Caroline Lucas MP and Emma Reed from the Equalities Office and – the session i am most interested in – a presentation on “reclaiming the scene”. This is from Sky Yarlett, who has previously written on reclaiming Pride from the forces of corporate “pink-washing” and Roxanne Pearl.

See you there?



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One Response to Brighton and Sussex Appeal

  1. Sky Yarlett says:

    Hi Jane,

    I was flicking through google, and saw this, I’m looking forward to the conference as well. I hope you enjoy what we have to say!


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