Cat: meet pigeons

I suspect my view on marriage for same-sex couples may not quite fit inside the LGBT consensus. But then, that’s cause i am an awkward girl…and i tend towards first principle views of many things.

The problem – which i might just expound upon somewhere else – is not that LG couples can’t get “married” – so much as the fact that the state appropriated a religious institution for its own purposes in the first place. No matter: that isn’t what i am writing about today.

Sadly, though, the main story here is already written – by me! – for someone else’s website. Go take a peek at Anna Raccoon, whose site i love, and who i appear to have turned on recently to the bigger issue of the law and sexuality.

Marriage. There’s no such thing as same sex marriage in law?

That, of course, is what they all would like you to think.

However, the ramifications of the case in question suggest to me that the law has already been materially been breached. Holed, below the water line – and sinking fast.

All it needs now, is for someone high profile and out there to draw attention to this fact, and the cat will be well and truly amongst the pigeons.



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