Unnecessary enhancements?

I really can’t decide. Are “nipple enhancers” yet more evidence of societal obsession with women’s bodies – or just a fun fashion accessory?

Or maybe somewhere in between?

I’m not altogether sure whether this counts as political issue – but given moves afoot to outlaw the photoshopping of (female) images in fashion shoots, maybe there is a bit of an ideological dimension here.

Personally, i like the idea as occasional party spicer-up. But then, i also like the idea of outrageous eyelashes and taloned fingernails – in the right company and at the right time.

The last few months have taught me about the tyranny of other people’s gaze. I love how i am changing: yet at the same time, feel conscious of how i look in ways i never ever was before.

Not just the “does she pass?” niggle that probably afflicts every trans woman that walks the planet…but the need (?) to live up to some standard of femininity that cuts through everything else.

In the end, that is probably what gives this issue a political tweak and puts it up there with French prosecutors demanding that trans women “measure up” in terms of breast size and american surgeons “normalising” the way that intersex women look.

If my femininity – or in this case, the eroticisation of my femininity – can be limited to times when it is fun to play with the idea, then i am all for it. If it becomes something imposed on me…demanded by the rest of society, that is something else.


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